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Sarah Morgan has been a practicing HR Executive for 20 years. She currently the Chief Excellence Officer of BuzzARooney LLC, a leadership, management and human resources consulting boutique , and the Senior Director of Human Resources for SafeStreets USA, an international home security dealer headquartered outside Raleigh NC.

In 2011, Sarah burst on the social media scene as “Buzz Rooney,” with her blog, The Buzz on HR. Nearly 8 years later, the pen name is gone and her blog posts reach over 10,000 readers each month. She has amassed more than 20,000 followers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She has been named to the Best HR Practitioner Blogs, the Top Women in HR Tech and the Global Voices of HR lists for consecutive years. 

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I get so excited when I find HR Leaders practicing a modern, evolved approach to leadership and HR in the workplace! So you can imagine my excitement when Sarah Morgan and I connected. Sarah is brilliant and forward-thinking in the realm of HR philosophy and possesses the rare ability to apply her progressive view of the world directly to the HR practice in her organization. She has an uncanny ability to take great concepts and boil them down to daily truths for her team and the organization’s employees. She is definitely a practitioner of Reality-Based Leadership in the workplace.  


Sarah Morgan is the one HR voice that always provides something new to consider. Since 2011, the BuzzOnHR has been my go to source for tried and true HR insight and analysis beyond the mundane and pedestrian content that 95% of other blogs offer. I've been in HR since 1999 and Sarah's perspective is the freshest most thought provoking point of view in the game. Her awareness extends through HR and into all aspects of life, from being a Mom in the workplace to the black experience while working in the trenches of corporate America including the C-Suite.

Chris Fields

Sarah Morgan is the future of HR. When she's not writing marvelous content and challenging her readers to drill deeper on topics like leadership and bias, she's busy being a role model and mentor for the next generation of human resources leaders who will need to mimic her entrepreneurial style and methods. Sarah has the gravitas and wisdom of a seasoned leader combined with the energy and power of a student. The future of work is all about curiosity and collaboration, and Sarah embodies both qualities. What can I say? She's a force to be reckoned with in human resources, the HR Tech industry, and beyond.


Sarah Morgan is an inspiration for all Black Women. As a speaker, blogger, HR prof, and all-around person, she is finding ways to make sure voices are heard in the community. Her creation, the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge, has given me the opportunity to speak loudly for the problems faced in the Black community, especially as a Black woman. Her work speaks volumes and it’s time for more people to pay attention and hire her to make their employees and company better. 

Jazmine Wilkes

In late 2011, I started reading HR blogs and putting myself out into the social media scene. Sarah's blog was one of the first I started reading and I was instantly hooked. Her thoughtful, direct, and informative posts, especially from a practitioner's perspective, keeps me coming back. She was the first person to give me an opportunity to "guest post" on her blog site and gave me a forum and the courage to start writing. There is no better thought-provoking, challenging, and informative blog for HR, and non-HR professionals alike, than "The Buzz on HR."

John Hudson

Every time I have an opportunity to hear Sarah speak or read something she's written, I grab it. Sarah's unique voice on what it means to be a woman of color in the HR profession calls us as all to step up our game and do the hard work of creating equitable spaces for our own organizations and for the HR profession as a whole. Add to that, Sarah knows HR. She shares her broad expertise through the lens of her lived experience, and from interacting with Sarah I grow as a person and as an HR professional. 

Anne Tomkinson

Sarah's blog is a must read for me, and I feel for all HR and Business professionals. This isn't some platitude. It's a fact. She is someone who brings thought, depth and fortitude to all she does and to the profession as a whole. She doesn't settle for the status quo and is willing to stretch the boundaries of who we are as professionals both within our organizations and in the field overall. She is genuine, funny and engaging !! Read her good work and connect with her because she is a true resource.

Steve Browne

If I could only choose ONE HR professional to learn from the rest of my career it would without a doubt be Sarah Morgan. Sarah shares some of the most meaningful content I've ever read and is an excellent speaker. I think her thoughtful approach challenges us as HR pros to learn from each other in a way that makes us better and elevates the whole profession. I've heard her speak at an ALSHRM conference and she did an amazing job and I've listened to her on several podcasts and webinars. She is top notch!

Kristina Minyard

It has been an immense pleasure to witness the continued growth and evolution of the uncompromising, passionate, influential, forward-thinking, dynamic HR Executive and servant leader that is, Sarah Morgan. I am inspired by her ability to raise the bar in every aspect of her career. Not only has she climbed the corporate ladder and shattered many a glass ceiling; she uses her voice to engage, empower and educate others by way of her awarding winning blog, prolific keynote addresses, the creation of the Black Blogs Matter Challenge and upcoming podcast. She IS a brand and I excited for all the many accomplishments yet to come. 

Keirsten Greggs




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